If your fabric hat got crushed due to storage, travel or washing, it is easy to restore its original shape by following these tips:

1# Your hat will likely need a good steam iron or clothing steamer.

2#  It is important to check the fabric type on the label of your Aureole hat. Use a steam iron on medium heat for cotton and high heat for linen.

3# To keep the shape of the crown while pressing use an ironing ham.

Or if you don’t have one,  a substitute of a rolled-up towel inside will work.

4# The brim can be placed directly onto the ironing board and steam-pressed back to shape. Lots of steam really works! As the brim cools, smooth and reshape with your hands.

5# For all dark and black fabrics, it is recommended to use a slightly damp press cloth between the iron and the hat fabric to avoid ‘glazing’.

6# Air dry with a paper or towel inside the crown to help retain the shape after washing.

7# If you have got a clothing steamer, you can also place your hat on a hat form or over a rounded jar. Use a handheld clothing steamer to steam the hat until slightly damp. Reshape the hat to the original condition and allow to air dry away from the direct heat. You can fill the crown with a paper or towel and let it air dry.

8# Have in mind that the crumpled fabric can be a playful part of your chilled and laid back outfit style. If that sounds like you, just relax and do nothing instead of ironing your hat.

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